Duke SAA Colt Peacemaker Mar CO2 BB Revolver, Nickel Cal 4.5

Duke SAA Colt Peacemaker Mar CO2 BB Revolver, Nickel Cal 4.5

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The all new Colt Peacemaker® six shooter is an authentic replica single action air pistol that includes these features:
> All metal frame
> Realistic revolver action
> 6-shot BB pistol
> Fixed front sights
> CO2 compartment in the grip
> Designed for steel BBs
> Single action

The Colt Peacemaker® is a BB-cartridge-loading Single Action Army (SAA) revolver that has the same look, feel, and similar functional features of the .45 Colt Peacemaker® sidearm. This is quickly becoming one of the most talked about airguns of 2017 and it was a huge hit at the 2017 SHOT Show with big smiles from everyone who held it.

Umarex worked with the Marshals Museum of the frontier town of Fort Smith, Arkansas to produce a limited edition commemorative airgun based on this Colt Peacemaker®. The original firearm played an important role in taming the Old West. The limited edition airgun included 500 airguns with a Marshals Museum emblem in the grips. The first gun marked "#1 of 500" will be placed in the Marshals Museum.

Length: 10.75"
Barrel: 5"
Weight: 2 lbs.
Capacity: 6-shot
Power: CO2
Caliber: .177
Ammo: BBs
Action: Single

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